Farm Manager

  • Full Time
  • Salima, Malawi
  • September 30, 2022

Elengos Farming


    • Supervise staff, monitoring crops and animals, and handle various administrative tasks. Prepare budgets, maintain relationships with clients and stakeholders, and ensure maximum profitability.
    • Analyzing existing operations, crops, livestock, staff, and financial documents and recommending improvements.
    • Preparing plans and schedules for planting and harvesting and ensuring staff understands expectations.
    • Visiting the different divisions to inspect crops, livestock, and also perform tests on soil and water.
    • Ensuring right seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and other supplies are regularly restocked.
    • Scheduling repairs, maintenance, and replacement of equipment and machinery.
    • Handling the marketing and sale of products produced on the farm like fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, and grain.
    • Ensuring all staff adheres to health and safety regulations.
    • Assisting with the recruitment and training of new staff members.
    • Collaborating with senior staff to prepare budgets and financial reports.
    • Building professional networks and keeping abreast of developments in agricultural science.


    • Degree/Diploma in agriculture, animal science, or equivalent.
    • Additional courses in business management or administration are recommended.
    • Extensive experience in a farming-related field.
    • Management experience would be a plus.
    • Knowledge of irrigation farming
    • A passion for agriculture.
    • Excellent problem-solving, analytical, communication and critical thinking skills.
    • The ability to make decisions in stressful environments.
    • Superb communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Willingness to work overtime as required.
    • Have sufficient knowledge in fuel operated machinery.
    • Have sufficient knowledge in accountancy and book keeping.

Applications should be made to

Closing Date 30th September, 2022